.22 Reed Express

Currently we are doing load development for the .22 Reed Express. Barrels were available initially for the CZ-52 and were a drop in component, however due to manufacturing complications they are not available at this time. We are working on bringing back the CZ-52 barrels as well as getting them made for both the 1911 as well as the M-9 (92FS). The .22 Reed Express is based on the 7.62x25 case necked down to .22 caliber, and the shoulder blown forward. Applications include target, varmint, and small game hunting. T/C barrels are available at this time and can be ordered in the online store along with dies.


The preliminary load data is done, all the loads are from a 10" Contender barrel 10 shot strings average velocity. All the loads are production loads from a 5" BBL in the CZ-52 10 shot avarage.
     10" BBL                          5” BBL
30g – 2782                        2513
33g – 2733                        2500
35g – 2721                        2478
40g – 2596                        2200
45g – 2470                        2170
50g – 2424                        2080
53g – 2362                        2000
55g – 2302                        1985

60g – 2228                        (Too long to fit in the magazine)


The 60g spire point bullets are too long for use in the CZ-52. To get them to fit into the magazine they take up too much space in the case and reduce the volume to a point where only low pressure loads can be used. Load data is available from us and we include a basic copy in the die set. We'll be expanding the load data and sending a revised copy to everyone who purchased the barrels and dies.

What's really impressive to us is that the velocities on the lower weight bullets are running the same as a .22 Hornet out of a 22" barrel.
Point of note, the FN Five-SeveN reports 2200FPS from a 5" barrel with a 27g bullet, the .22 Reed Express is able to push a 45g bullet at the same speed from the same length barrel.


The first production load is the Nosler 45g Solid Base Soft Point. This bullet has a solid band of copper that makes up the base, it increases penetration and prevents the core from separating. The loads have been regulated to shoot point of aim at 25 with all the CZ-52's we tested, and customers report that their pistols are shooting the same. This load was selected as it presents itself as a great load for both varmint hunting as well as self defense. It is very accurate and as you can see from the picture above, it expands great. Penetration was a full 8" through gelatin.

We have had sucessful testing of the .22 Reed Express and the .17 Reed Express in the AR-15 format and we are working on the load development for the .14 Reed Express. T/C barrels are available for the .17 and .22 versions and will be available shortly for the .14 caliber versions.






.22 Reed Express

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