.17 Reed

Barrels and Dies are also available for the .14, .17, and .20 Cal versions

.22 Reed Express

Barrels were available initially for the CZ-52 and were a drop in component, however due to manufacturing complications they are not available at this time. We are working on bringing back the CZ-52 barrels as well as getting them made for both the 1911 as well as the M-9 (92FS).

The .22 Reed Express is based on the 7.62x25 case necked down to .22 caliber, and the shoulder blown forward. Applications include target, varmint, and small game hunting. T/C barrels are available at this time and can be ordered in the online store along with dies.

The preliminary load data is done, all the loads are from a 10" Contender barrel 10 shot strings average velocity. All the loads are production loads from a 5" BBL in the CZ-52 10 shot avarage.
     10" BBL                          5” BBL
30g – 2782                        2513
33g – 2733                        2500
35g – 2721                        2478
40g – 2596                        2200
45g – 2470                        2170
50g – 2424                        2080
53g – 2362                        2000
55g – 2302                        1985
                                                 60g – 2228                        (Too long to fit in the magazine)

The 60g spire point bullets are too long for use in the CZ-52. To get them to fit into the magazine they take up too much space in the case and reduce the volume to a point where only low pressure loads can be used. Load data is available from us and we include a basic copy in the die set. We'll be expanding the load data and sending a revised copy to everyone who purchased the barrels and dies.

What's really impressive to us is that the velocities on the lower weight bullets are running the same as a .22 Hornet out of a 22" barrel.
Point of note, the FN Five-SeveN reports 2200FPS from a 5" barrel with a 27g bullet, the .22 Reed Express is able to push a 45g bullet at the same speed from the same length barrel.