For the sportsman, the .338 Spectre offers a user-friendly cartridge in terms of brass forming and reloading, with light

recoil and excellent performance on small to medium size game. For the law enforcement professional, it offers solid terminal

ballistics from one of the most-widely used weapons platforms with minor modification. The wide range of available projectiles

should appeal to both the recreational shooter as well as the professional. Reloading dies for the .338 Spectre can be

obtained from CH Tool and Die ( Loaded ammunition is available through Reed’s Ammunition & Research.

Pictured above is 1 of 3 special bullets we had made by Hawk Precision Bullets ( than the typical .035" jacket that is used on most .338 bullets for the higher velocity calibers, we requested and received them made with .025" jackets. As you can plainly see the thinner jacket allows for the bullet to expand at the lower velocities that the .338 Spectre produces. Weight retention is excellent even after passing through 16" of gelatin and through the 1/4" plywood backstop and lodging into the sand backstop. Average weight retention of the 180g SP was 160g with expansion being almost a full inch (.918-.962). Offered in three weights 180g, 200g, and 250g.

he bullets pictured above were produced for us by Glenhills Cast Bullets in Glenwood City, MI. They are an alloy mix with a BHN of 12.5 and 27.5 and gas checked. Although the drop is fairly significant past 100yds, they offer an inexpensive alternative to the thin jacketed Hawk bullets. Leading is kept to a minimum due to the gas-check and expansion (as you can plainly see) is excellent. Offered in two weights 200g and 260g.

(L to R 200g HDY, 200g NOS BT, 200g SPE, 225g

 HDY, 250g NOS PART250g SMK, 300g SMK)


The .338 Spectre is the brainchild of Mr. Marty ter Weeme of Teppo Jutsu ( The cartridge has a wide array of applications Including small to medium game hunting, match target, and suppressed sniper shooting. In November of  2005 Reed's Ammunition & Research (  got together with Mr. ter Weeme to expand the load data and look at commercial production of the ammunition. After a bit of R&D we found that there are several powders that work very well, consisting of the slower magnum pistol powders and fast burning rifle powders. With it's ability to launch a wide array of bullet weights combined with it almost non-existent recoil and extreme accuracy, the .338 Spectre offers something for everyone. 


Ballistic performance is comparable to the .357 Herrett, .35 Remington or even the 180-grain load for the .44 Magnum.

In the 16" barrel carbine, the .338 Spectre will launch the 180-grain BT at 1,800 ft./sec., approaching 1,300 ft-lbs. of energy.

By loading the 300-grain Sierra HPBT MatchKing bullet at subsonic velocities (1,040 ft/sec.) for suppressed applications,

the muzzle energy measures 720 ft-lbs., surpassing both the high velocity 115-grain load for the 9mm Parabellum as well

as the 240-grain .300 Whisper ® load.